Mipwr: Charge your iPhone in the palm of your hand

Battery life is one of the biggest issues with any smartphone, but ask any iPhone user, and they’ll probably put it near the top of their GRRRRRR! list. Enter Chicagoans Karl Lee and Bob Panos – they’ve created a new iPhone case that not only features an extra battery pack, but it comes with a way to charge your phone right in the palm of your hand.

It’s called the Mipwr Dynamo, and it features a lever that pops out of the case. Pump the lever and you charge the phone. It uses a process called electromagnetic induction – the Mipwr team says one minute of pumping the case will give you an extra 30 seconds of talk/text time. We’ll be talking with the guys about the product on today’s WGN Morning News. We’ll post the video here after it airs.

The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a production run. A Mipwr case will cost $25, and you can get yours on their Kickstarter site HERE.

We’ll be talking about some other smartphone battery accessories as well. Here is more information about them…

- Id America Crosslink Cable ($18) UPDATE: This multi-use USB cable was popping up on all kinds of tech sites like Gizmodo and the Awesomer, but now it’s popping up as a “Page Not Found” on the Id America site. Not sure if the item is still available.

- Winten Portable Battery Pack ($14.99) – This one comes recommended by multiple Facebook followers.

- Mophie Juice Pack PRO ($149.99)