Dean’s Theater Review: “42nd Street”

It’s the final days of one of the year’s best stage musicals.

Here’s Dean’s review of “42nd Street” at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora:

Just like they’ve done all season long, the Paramount in Aurora has turned out another big, glitzy show that rivals the best of what’s going on in downtown Chicago.

This time it’s the 1930′s musical, “42nd Street”  is about a small town girl who’s thrown into the leading role of a big Broadway show.

The show is loaded with familiar songs and “nothing-held-back” performances, costumes, big-set numbers and best of all, a live orchestra that’ll make you want to get off your feet.

Laura Savage and Larry Adams are great as the leads in this classic show that the Paramount has punched up to make it fun for today’s audiences.

The show runs until Sunday, February 9. I’m highly recommending a shuffle down to the Paramount Theatre to see it.